22 days that will change you!

Increase your fitness level

Learn how to eat better

Adopt healthier habits

What is the FitPack Bootcamp?

It’s a 22-day experience that will take you out of your comfort zone.

During the bootcamp you will not only improve your physical fitness, but you will also learn about nutrition hand in hand with a certified nutritionist and you will be guided in your way to adopting healthier habits and setting goals. Everything adapted to you!

Physical conditioning

  • Training sessions
  • Flexibility sessions
  • Guided meditation
  • Physical evaluations
  • Progress tracking


  • 2 Personalized nutritional guidance
  • Progress tracking
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Recipe E-Book


    • 2 Personalized coaching sessions
    • Personal development workshop
    • Guidance in adoption of healthier habits
    • SMART objectives

    Start the long-lasting change you were looking for!

    When is the next bootcamp?

    Saturday 19th of June 2021

    When does it end?

    Saturday 10th of July 2021

    What’s the schedule like?

    3 sessions per week:

    Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

    Why should you sign up?

    • Because it is the perfect tool to start making the change that you want.
    • The commitment to the FitPack Bootcamp, the coaches and your other peers will motivate you to fulfill the program until the very end.
    • Your objectives will become our goal.
    • We will not let you give up and we will support you all the way.
    • You will create long lasting friendships with a community of people that have also given the first step towards change.

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