Active reset

Wellness retreat

12th to 15th of May
Alt Penedès, Barcelona, Spain


“Unforgettable experience that will shift your mindset towards positive change”

Escape the city to this magical 300-year-old Catalan Masia located in the beautiful wine region of Penedès, near Barcelona, Spain. Spend a long weekend surrounded by nature and enjoying spectacular landscapes just over 60 minutes away from Barcelona.

In this life-changing and unforgettable experience you will get to work on your fitness level, stretch your body, calm your mind, learn new skills, nourish your body with delicious homemade meals and connect with nature and other likeminded wonderful people. Disconnect from your busy routine and join this eye-opening experience that will shift your mindset towards positive change.


HIIT, resistance and functional training, primal movement and kettlebells sessions.

Improve your fitness level, increase your flexibility and learn how to control your body through conscious movement in our daily sessions. During our fitness classes you will work out most muscle groups, have fun and take part in group activities that will motivate you to give your best.

Yoga & Meditation

Deepen your yoga practice in a peaceful paradise and enjoy classes with the most stunning views. Surrounded by nature, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your body, mind and breath. During the sessions you will get to stretch and release tension, improve your flexibility and alignment, and experience the pure relaxation of yoga.

During the meditation sessions you will get to release all the layers of stress and quiet the mind to bring more peace and clarity to your daily life. You will leave these classes with new meditation skills to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Learn valuable tips that you will be able to implement in your daily life.

Our workshops will teach you a range of topics from how to put together a nourishing and tasteful meal to how to set goals and objectives whether they are fitness or profession related.

You may even leave the retreat learning a new physical skill!

Outdoor activities

Join our countryside and mountain hikes, visit natural springs and take part in other outdoor activities that will allow you to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Relax & Mingle

Hang out by the pool, read a book, chat with your retreat colleagues or just walk around the beautiful premises of the property.

The Masia

Take a peek inside the beautiful 300-year-old Catalan Masia where Active Reset will take place.

What you get from Active Reset


  • Daily workouts of different disciplines
  • Learn new skills and gain control over your body
  • Get stronger and more agile
  • Learn to exercise with proper technique as we will be constantly checking your form


  • Escape from the busy and stressful city life
  • Enjoy some relaxing time and reduce your stress
  • Reconnect with nature and yourself
  • Learn techniques for stress management in your daily life
  • Increase focus, energy levels and productivity


  • Take a short break in the beautiful wine region of Penedès
  • Enjoy hikes with mesmerizing landscapes
  • Appreciate the fresh air, the clear skies and the beautiful spring weather


  • Learn quick hacks that will help you in your daily routine
  • Take part in workshops about nutrition, habits and other lifestyle topics

The Team

Meet the people who will be coming with you to the Active Reset: Wellness Retreat. Their sole purpose will be to make you have an unforgettable experience and make your retreat as pleasant as possible.


Fitness instructor

Francisco is a lifetime fitness enthusiast and has been experimenting with new and trendy fitness disciplnes for years. He is proficient at bodyweight workouts, HIIT sessions, mobility, kettlebells and primal movements.

He has successfully completed several fitness challenges such as half marathons and the IronMan 70.3 triathlon.

He strongly believes in breaking the traditional perspective on fitness and “rebranding” it as better and more efficient movement.


Yoga instructor

Stefano has been into sports and physical activity since a very young age. At the age of 15 he competed as a professional swimmer in Argentina.

He is a CrossFit instructor and a Master Scuba diver. He has also dug into Yoga and meditation.

His personal motto is: “Rise above yourself and positively influence those around you. Live fully every day and share positive energy”.


Fitness instructor

Mauricio holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and has specialized in running and CrossFit.

In his enthusiasm to challenge the body in different ways, he has recently started experimenting with primal movements and ketllebell flows.

Those who know him would agree that he is very energetic, full of charisma and positive energy and always willing to help people push their limits.


Logistics & support

Agustina (Charo or Charito) is the Community Manager of FitPack Barcelona and is in charge of social media, communications and support for the retreat.

She also provides support in the logistics of the organisation and planning of the retreat.

What is included?

  • 3x nights accomodation
  • Homemade meals elaborated with local produce (vegan and vegetarian options available)
    • Welcome dinner on Thursday
    • All meals during Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    • Fruits & snacks, water, coffee and tea available all day
    • Farewell dinner (local wine & beer available)
  • Fitness, yoga & meditation sessions
  • Outdoor activities
  • Workshops (different topics)
  • Transport to and from the retreat location

What is not included?

  • Toiletries (body wash, shampoo, conditioner)
  • If you want, bring a refillable bottle for you to carry around during the hikes

“…FitPack’s workouts always push you in order to increase your endurance and strength. Each session the instructors change up the exercises so it never becomes easy. They add fun games, competitions, and stretching at the end. Fran and Stefano, make it a really friendly and fun environment. I have made a ton of great friends in the process. I would highly recommend FitPack to anyone looking for dynamic outdoor fitness classes in Barcelona. It has definitely gotten me in better shape!”

Active reset

Shift your lifestyle towards positive change!
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Private room (single occupancy in a double bed)

  • Early bird – €510
  • Normal – €550

Shared room (double occupancy in either a double bed or two single beds)

  • Early bird – €450
  • Full price – €480

Shared room (triple occupancy in a double bed)

  • Early bird – €415
  • Full price – €440

Early bird prices end 3rd of April, 2022.

50% payment to reserve spot. Full payment by 2nd of May, 2022.

*Payment plans available upon request.

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