Our workouts


High intensity interval training session with nothing but our own bodyweight.

High-energy class where we push harder and reach further. We will get our hearts pumping according to the HIIT method and work out most muscle groups with functional exercises.

Circuit training

In these sessions we include some equipment to add resistance to the exercises and make the muscles work harder.

These sessions are focused on improving muscle strength and resistance.

Cardio & Core

Get your heart pumping and your core burning as we do some cardio and work our abdominals, obliques and lower back. These sessions will help you burn calories, increase your agility and tone your abdomen.

Training with the bosses

Try to keep up with the coaches in these intense, non-stop sessions. In this class we normally include some advanced kettlebell techniques and it requires a combination of strength, endurance and self-motivation.

Spartan training

Class specially designed to prepare you for obstacle races, such as the Spartan Race. We will teach you techniques and strategies to improve your running and we will mix it with some obstacles that will improve your strength and endurance.

Flexibility & meditation

Stretching improves physical performance and reduces the risk of injury. It also improves coordination and muscle strength. The session is divided in three parts: a warmup, an extensive session of exercises whose purpose is to elongate the muscles and a guided meditation focused on quieting our busy minds.

Active in quarantine

During these difficult times in which we are forced to stay indoors as much as possible, we want to help people stay active and in good mental health.

For this reason we are holding LIVE SESSIONS from Monday to Saturday at 18h00 CET (time in Spain). We hold them on Instagram and we also upload them to our YouTube channel.

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Free trial

Join our community and take part in fun group workouts. You will feel instantly energized and notice improvements fast.

Our community is passionate about fitness but also about meeting people and having fun.

All levels are welcome to join our sessions!
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