The Pack

Get to know who we are, what moves us and why we do what we do. We want to help you reach your goals and your maximum potential.

Francisco Colmont

CEO & instructor

Francisco is a lifetime fitness enthusiast and has been experimenting with new and trendy fitness disciplnes for years. He is proficient at bodyweight workouts, HIIT sessions, mobility, kettlebells and primal movements.

He has successfully completed several fitness challenges such as half marathons and the IronMan 70.3 triathlon.

He strongly believes in breaking the traditional perspective on fitness and “rebranding” it as better and more efficient movement.

Stefano Bonanno

Founder & instructor

Stefano has been into sports and physical activity since a very young age. At the age of 15 he competed as a professional swimmer in Argentina.

He is a CrossFit instructor and a Master Scuba diver. He has also dug into Yoga and meditation.

His personal motto is: “Rise above yourself and positively influence those around you. Live fully every day and share positive energy”.

Mauricio de la rosa


Mauricio holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and has specialized in running and CrossFit.

In his enthusiasm to challenge the body in different ways, he has recently started experimenting with primal movements and ketllebell flows.

Those who know him would agree that he is very energetic, full of charisma and positive energy and always willing to help people push their limits.

Noelia Ivandic


Noelia is specialized in optimizing the performance of athletes through nutrition and in post-exercise recovery. Her passion is to help people become healthier by teaching them more nutritious eating habits.

She believes that a balanced and sustainable diet is complete in nutrients, sufficient according to personal needs and harmonious and appropriate to the habits and customs of each person.

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We are not just a training group, we are a family brought together by fitness and the desire to meet new people and share good energy.

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